In the build up to my solo show with SO Fine art Editions in Dublin, Ireland, I will be posting some content about the works and the methodology behind the show.

This body of work has its genesis in the built environment, I have taken the time over the last couple of years to expand on the visual language that is present in urban space. The oddity and non-conformity of scribbles and buffs have crept into how I approach my paintings. Interestingly, these marks are in constant flux, never static. Constantly moulding and adapting to how we visually interact with urban space.

I have taken a rare departure from silk-screen printing towards the latter end of this series, its relevancy seemed far less great than painting, it lacked an immediacy that I really strived to obtain in the work. There have been occasions where I am so inspired by some text or image I find that its hard to digitally render a response - the literal expression of paint to canvas seemed most apt.