Selected Solo/Group Exhibitions


OUTLIER, SO Fine, Dublin, 2020

CLANDESTINE, Damn Fine, Dublin, 2017

FLOOD INTERPRET, Basic Space, Dublin, 2015

Selected Group shows

Constants and Variables, Lisbon, Portugal, 2021


The Decameron, New Release Gallery, New York, 2020

Spent Rent, Dublin (Opening suspended due to COVID-19), 2020

Making Art: PrintmakingDraiocht, Dublin 2020

Artform, Dunmore East, 2019

VUE Art Fair 2019, RHA Gallery, Dublin

Painters and Makers - SO Fine Art, Dublin, 2019

Ode to Urbanity, MART, 2019

Pairs, RARE Gallery, Curated by Sophie Murphy, 2018

VUE Art Fair 2018, RHA Gallery, Dublin,

MAKE READY, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin, 2018

REDEX, curated by SOPHIE MURPHY, Dublin, 2018

Freedom, MART, Dublin 2018

SO Fine Art Winter Show, Dublin, 2017

Law Library, Annual showcase, Dublin, 2017

VUE Art Fair, RHA, Dublin, 2017

Discovery, The Tara Building, Dublin, 2017

MFA Graduate Showcase, NCAD, 2017

New Release, SO Fine Art, Dublin, 2017

Tara X IVERNA, The Tara Building, 2017

Young III, SO Fine Art, Dublin, 2017

The Ideas of North, So Fine Art, Dublin, 2016

Collective memory, Strand II, Celine Gallery, Glasgow, 2016

Collective memory, Brooklyn, New York, 2016

Hand Luggage, GSA/NCAD/Wave-Particle group show, The Laurieston Arches, Glasgow, 2016

Fear, Temple Bar Galleries and Studios, 2016

SO Fine Art Summer Show, Dublin, 2016

ArtYeats international summer school, Hamilton Gallery, Sligo 2016

Legacy, Hamilton Gallery, Sligo, 2016

Hand Luggage, Collaborative show, Steambox, Dublin, 2016

UCD/NCConference, UCD science centre, Dublin, 2016

101 - 103, NCAD MFA Year 1 Interim Show, Dublin, 2016

Young II, SO Fine Art, Dublin, 2016 Perennial,

Fumbally Exchange, Dublin, 2016

Good Tidings, We bring. curated by Elisa Nocente, 1st Year MFA/ADW, Dublin. 2015

VUE Art Fair 2015, RHA, Dublin. 2015

Saw Dust curated by Francis Fay, MART Project Space. 2015

Hong Kong Graphic arts fiesta, HKOP, Hong Kong 2014

NCAD Graduate Degree Show, NCAD, Dublin, 2014